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Twin Sisters

In this heartwarming documentary, identical twins Mia and Alexandra were found as babies in a cardbox in China in 2003. They were separated and put up for adoption to two families from opposite corners of the world: One of them from a small village in Norway, surrounded by high mountains and deep fjords, and the other from the major American city of Sacramento, California.


The twins are reunited by destiny when, incredibly, their adoptive mothers brought identical red gingham dresses for them to wear on adoption day. This startling coincidence made the mothers take note of each other and start talking. That’s when they noticed that the girls looked very much alike... but the orphanage denied that the girls were related.


Six months later, established a world apart, truth has its day when DNA tests confirm that the girls are identical twins.

A true story of inspiration, Twin Sisters follows Mia and Alexandra through an uplifting parallel journey until they reunite in Norway when they are 8 years old. This is one of those feel-good stories that will make you cry, laugh, and think about the people you miss in your life. Among the top documentaries in the world, this award-winning film has been seen by an estimated 20 million people so far, and broadcast by 30 TV channels around the world.


Don’t miss this film online or on DVD!


Women in the west can afford to be vain and are major consumers of hair-extensions. For everyday use, and for wedding and parties.

The sale of human hair has become a mulit-billion dollar industry. But where does all the hair come from?

Join us on an almost surreal journey in this investigative documentary film.

The Miracle

"The Miracle" is the unique story of Magne Skaden from the northern Norway.
As a young boy, he was diagnosed as mentally retarded. The doctors told his parents to just keep him at home.

Magne grew up mostly sitting on the sofa, just staring into the air. But as the years went by, his family always had a feeling that he understood more than the doctors said. When Magne turned 27, the family heard about a brain institute in the US. They decided to take him there. The American doctors examined him and concluded that he is sharp and understands, but that a damage in his mid-brain had prevented him from expressing himself. They believed Magne could learn to walk, write and talk. But he would have to follow their special program and train for about 10 hours every day.

After months of training, incredible things began to happen... Life would never be the same again.

The Miracle received the highest ratings of all documentary films shown on TV2 Norway in 2009.

Director and Producer: Mona Friis Bertheussen. Produced by Moment Film in 2009.

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Welcome to Norway

Winner of the 2008 Norwegian Human Rights Prize for film.

The Okoko family flees from the war and massacres in the Congo, and gets a new home in a typical Norwegian neighborhood in Stjørdalen. At first everything seems like a dream - they get a townhouse, clothing, schooling, space for their kids, and money that regularly comes into a bank account.But life is not quite as they had thought. What is making the adjustment to Norway and Norwegians so hard?
For the first time, a team follows a refugee family all the way from their life in Africa and documents their meeting with Norway.


The documentary follows the family's new life in good times and bad during their first three years in the country. Lolo, the 8 year-old son in the family, provides the film's narration.


The film won "Best Norwegian Documentary" award at the Volda festival and was also nominated to the "Nordic Award" at the Nordic Panorama Festival.

Director and producer: Mona Friis Bertheussen. Produced by Moment film in 2008.

Mette-Marit: Cinderella of Our Times

The story is a royaI fairytale: "I have a girlfriend: Her name is Mette-Marit." With this statement, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway announced his relationship to Mette-Marit, a single mother with a past full of drug abuse and house parties.

The Crown Prince's choice in partner raised anger within the nation, and attracted attention from around the world. Who was this woman? Was she worthy of the position as Norway's future queen? Would the Prince's choice put an end to the monarchy?

"I cried for two days when I first saw my past on the front page," Mette-Marit said in her first interview.
From the very day when Mette-Marit became a public figure, her past became a subject of public investigation. Could Mette-Marit manage to win the hearts of the people?

During her first years as Crown Princess, the honest Mette-Marit changed the public opinion from severe hostility to true popularity. Today Mette-Marit is among the most popular royal members in Europe. Her story is a true modern Cinderella story.

Director: Mona Friis Bertheussen, Moment Film. Producer: Eystein Hanssen, Zulu Film. Produced in 2005.

Norway Inc.

Oil has made Norway a rich country, but what effects has all this wealth had on the country? How does Norway make and spend its money? A different perspective on Norway and its economy.


Siw Reshma was adopted from India when she was a baby, and later ended up inheriting her adoptive parents' farm in Hallingdal, Norway. For years she has been sending money to a girl in the same slum area where she is from. This was the highest-rated film in the documentary slot "Faktor" on NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, in 2003.

Would You Like to Become a Norwegian?

Thousands of refugees dream of starting a new life in Norway. Every year, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration travels to refugee camps around the world to choose a few lucky individuals to be offered permanent residence in Norway. But who needs and deserves it the most? 

The Brokers

The Real Estate Company RE/MAX Innovation in Oslo have visionary plans to take over the market by forming a company with 200 agents. They collect a huge staff in no time. Many of the new employees have never sold a home. They hope and believe they will become Scandinavia's largest real estate company. But everything does not go as planned...

Berserk Towards the North Pole

The adventurous expedition to the north of the Arctic Ocean in a small sailboat called Berserk. Against all odds Jarle Anhøy, Alex Rosén, David and Mercy Espen Tarberg sailed in the Viking Ottar's wake. The close cooperation between the crew, NRK and Moment ensured the success. The series was edited in co-operation between Kaare Skard from Moment and Earl Noodt from NRK, while the crew of Berserk was responsible for the footage.

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